Exterior Home Improvement Tips for 2022

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

When you first purchase a home, one of the most exciting prospects is cultivating an attractive exterior for your family to enjoy and for passersby to admire. The outside of the home represents a blank canvas with which you can get truly creative, designing the aesthetics to your taste.

In 2022, as families and workers spend more time at home than in years past, interest in home improvement projects has risen quickly. But there are many ideas and potential projects for your home to have a fresh look, especially with the exterior. Here are a few home improvement tips for changing up the exterior of your home this year.

Fresh Accents on the House

The colors of your house often determine what draws the eye. How the various accent pieces complement your home’s base color can create an entirely new look for the exterior. Consider fresh shutters that pop more, or just do a better job of bringing out the base color. Maybe it is time for your front porch to have fresh paint along the railing and columns. You could even change the look of your front entryway with a freshly painted door that accentuates the other features of the exterior. These small changes can make a big difference in curb appeal. 

Aerate Your Lawn

Lawn care plays a significant role in cultivating an appealing exterior for your home, which means that caring for your yard should be a priority. Aerating the lawn either in the spring or the fall can improve the health of the soil and grass, as well as create a cleaner look. Aeration helps with the growth of grass roots and any other plants in your yard, helping with water absorption. Aerating your lawn is a cost-effective way to ensure long-term health and a visually pleasing yard.

Re-do the Deck/Porch

A deck and porch are large features attached to the home exterior, which means that the older they are, the more likely they will reduce the aesthetic appeal of your home. Sometimes, home inspections reveal that a deck or porch could have compromised structural integrity or that the previous owners threw on a quick paint job to prepare for selling. It could be time to re-do the deck or porch and make sure that this large feature is up to your standards and enhances the look of your home. 

This could entail a more simple sanding/painting/staining process to upgrade the look or a much larger project of replacing all of the planks and railings. There is also the option to add a trellis or pergola to better enclose the space and make a more private gathering area outside. 

Design a Garden

A garden will level up the exterior of any building, especially a house. This can range from a small raised box garden with some vegetable plants to a wraparound garden with various flowers and shrubbery that nestles against the exterior of the home. A good mix of perennials and annuals will give you some consistency in your garden from year to year, but with the ability to make small changes during every growing season. 

Plus, if you start a vegetable garden, which can be done relatively cheaply, you have the added benefit of feeding your family with some healthy options that were grown on your land.

Upgrade Your Mailbox

This small change can make for a really fun aesthetic update. There are very cool design concepts that are becoming popular for mailboxes, with various themes ranging from rustic to modern. There is no limit to the creativity available in designing a post and mailbox that appeals to your tastes and stands out from the rest of your neighborhood. You can use different materials like wood, metal, plastic, or whatever suits your fancy. The freedom to paint the post and mailbox how you wish opens up many possibilities. 

Home Improvement Can Reduce Burnout

Many workers or busy individuals often experience burnout because of the monotony of their daily tasks, leaving them feeling drained and frustrated. Home improvement projects give you a specific objective to accomplish, a key solution for reducing burnout. When you feel that your days are repetitive, reaching a goal that is measurable and observable can improve your mental state and refresh your energy levels. 

As you search for a home improvement project for the exterior of your home, these ideas serve as a great way to get the creative juices flowing. Some projects can be done quickly and at a relatively low cost, while others take more of an investment and several weeks of work. Keep the image of the end product in mind as you get to work so that you can look back on the project and be proud of what you have accomplished when the work is done. These home improvement tips will level up the exterior for the enjoyment of you, your family, and everyone who walks by.