Para more releases “Misery Business” & Fans Decide to Complain


Misery Business is the sixth studio album by American rock band, Para more. Released on April 5, 2017, it was promoted with a music video for the single “Hard Times”.

The album debuted with first-week sales of 46,000 copies in the United States. It became a commercial success and received generally favorable reviews from critics.

Para more released Misery Business to great fanfare with a music video for “Hard Times”. A few weeks later they opened up per-orders for the album that only cost $5 and recorded an acoustic version of “Misery Business” that was exclusively available to these reorder buyers. They also released three other songs on YouTube which gave fans more content to love about this newest release.

Fans that ordered Misery Business immediately began talking about how

The Story Behind the Blog Post

Misery Business is a blog which promotes entrepreneurial advice, resources, and inspiration.

The Story Behind the Blog Post

Misery Business has been going strong for a few years now. And while we’ve been busy writing content and promoting it on social media, we’ve also been thinking about how our strategies could be improved.

This year, we set out to do a lot of research on what other brands were doing in the industry to see if there was anything that would help us take our blog from good to great. We also wanted to see if the other blogs were able to stay at the top of their game without having to use algorithms or automation software.

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Why This Blog Post is Especially Resonating with Para more Fans

This blog post is resonating with Para more fans because it speaks to the emotional impact that their music has on people.

On Monday, April 26th at 8pm PST, I was sitting in my bedroom when the news hit that Para more’s lead singer Hayley Williams had committed suicide. I immediately turned off my television and began crying. The thought of this happening to someone who had been such an important part of my life for years was devastating.

The fact that she died by her own hand made me feel like a piece of me had been torn away with her.

The Band’s Response to the Misery Business Blog Post on Twitter (keyword: para more misery bikinis

Para more, the band, responded to the article on their blog site. The response is funny and informative.

The article was posted online by Misery Business, a blog that focuses on pop culture. The post received a lot of attention but the issue with it was that it wasn’t written about Paramore – it was written about an artist named Taylor Swift.

Para more responded to the article on their blog site by posting a satirical response about how they feel about Taylor Swift’s song “Blank Space.” It’s an informative post that puts forth comedic responses while also highlighting some of the key points in the post.

How It Feels To Be A Para more Fan in 2017

As a Paramore fan, I know what it feels like to be ignored by the mainstream. A lot of people don’t like us because we’re different, and they think we’re weird. For us, it’s okay. We love what we do and how we do it, and that’s all that matters.

I love Paramore for who they are as a band and the music they make. They have a unique sound unlike anything else out there today. Their lyrics tell stories about how small town girls can overcome their struggles – something that I’ve always wanted to hear from my favorite band.

In 2017, I feel frustrated with how society has changed since their last album came out in 2013 – but also hopeful because of the success of their latest single “Hard Times.” The

What Musicians are Saying About Misery Business? –

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