A Packing Guide for Visiting Los Angeles in the Summer

Los Angeles
Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the most glamorous and iconic cities in the world. If you haven’t had a chance to visit Los Angeles yet, you should make it a priority on your travel bucket list. Who doesn’t want to walk down Hollywood Boulevard and browse the pink stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, all while admiring the mountains surrounding the city? Once you step out of LAX, the very first thing you’re going to want to do is to drop off your luggage at some luggage storage near LAX and immediately begin your sightseeing.

We’re here today to give you a packing guide for visiting Los Angeles in the summer because we want you to have the time of your life while you’re exploring this beautiful city that has so much to offer. To see what items you should add to your packing list for your next summer trip to Los Angeles, keep on reading.

What Clothes to Pack for Los Angeles in the Summer

First, let’s start with what kind of clothes you should bring with you to Los Angeles. Los Angeles is in the southern region of California, which means it gets quite hot in the summer. In August, the high temperature reaches around 85 degrees, so you’re going to want to pack your clothes accordingly. Make sure to bring all your summer clothes staples: shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, lightweight pants, skirts, and summer dresses. Rompers are another good summer clothing option and are also helpful for keeping your packing light. Just to be safe, you might want to bring along one sweater, in case it gets chilly on your evening walk along the coast.

Los Angeles is close to the Pacific Ocean, so if you’re planning on spending some time in the water, don’t forget to bring a couple of swimsuits. There are also many options for lounging around pools in the city, so whether or not you’re planning on going to the beach, it’s a good idea to bring a swimsuit just in case.

What Accessories to Pack for Los Angeles in the Summer

You would be lost without some important accessories during your visit to Los Angeles. An absolute necessity is comfortable walking shoes, especially for the days when you’re doing a lot of walking and sightseeing. If your feet are uncomfortable, your whole experience could be ruined, so double-check your suitcase for some comfortable shoes.

Since you’re visiting in the summer, you’ll also want to bring a hat or two to shield your eyes from the bright southern California sun. In the summer, the sun can be brutal, so wearing a hat will protect your eyes and face from the sun while also adding an extra element to your outfit.

Another accessory you need to pack for your LA trip is a backpack or big tote bag to carry your things with you while you’re exploring the city. A backpack is an easy option, but a tote bag would add more to your outfit, so choose one depending on what’s more important to you: convenience or style. No matter what kind it is, make sure to bring a bag no matter what.

Other Things to Pack for Los Angeles in the Summer

There are some final miscellaneous items you should also be adding to your packing list. Sunscreen should be at the very top of this list so that you don’t forget it. As mentioned previously, the sun is harsh in Los Angeles during the summer months. Thankfully, sunscreen can protect your skin against any damage from the sun, so make sure you add a bottle or two to your luggage.

Finally, the last thing to add to your packing list is an external phone battery. If you have one of these on you, you can travel about the whole day without worrying about your phone running out of battery. Feel free to pull out your phone and take all the photos and videos you want; you’ll have the freedom to do so when you carry an external phone battery with you to charge your phone when it’s running low on power.

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We hope this article was helpful in showing you what to pack for your summer trip to Los Angeles and also how to find safe and affordable luggage storage near LAX. Don’t forget to download the Bounce app to make your trip to Los Angeles that much more enjoyable.