This Indoor Cycling App is a Great Place to Start Your Cycling


In the market for fitness apps, there is a tall leader that stands apart from other apps. Vingo is perhaps the best indoor cycling app there is. You can easily find a number of apps in this range but none with such rich features and facilities. Vingo comes with everything that you can dream of. A wonderful user interface, an engulfing and immersive virtual reality experience, activity tracking, real time communication between users, social media connectivity and many more. On top of all these the app works with almost all treadmills and cycles. If your exercise bike doesn’t have in-built sensors, you can use the ANT+ sensors to connect the exercise equipment.

Cycle Your Way to Fitness

If you are looking to start your fitness journey with indoor cycling then Vingo is the place to start with. In fact that is all that you will ever need. It is a one stop solution for all your exercise needs. With the plug and play model of the app, you can easily connect your existing smart cycles with the app. As of now the app is available only for iOS devices but you can soon expect it to be available for other famous platforms like Android and Windows. So, your device will not stop you from exercising the right way.

Get a Virtual & Realistic Experience

The app creates a whole digital world that is similar to the real one. However, you can travel anywhere at any time in this virtual world. Also, anyone living anywhere in the world can join this world, if they have a stable internet connection. So, you can start cycling with your friends from places like the Pacific islands, equatorial Africa or even from the Arctic Canada. That is why, more and more people are swarming to this app. To have fun with their friends and family in the digital realm.

Connect Your New or Old Cycles

The ease of connecting to your far-off friends is only overcome by the ease of connecting your old cycles with the app. You can buy a sensor named ANT+ sensors. These new age sensors consume a very low amount of power and can work continuously for weeks with a small power source. So, when you are planning to start online cycling with Vingo, you need not worry about the compatibility. This is by far the best feature of the app.

Find Friends With Similar Goals

With this app for running you can find friends easily. When you cycle or run in the virtual world, you can find people who are running with you in the environment. The app provides real-time communication. So, you can voice chat w3ith the person running along with you. If you both share the same goal, then you can pair up easily and workout during the same time everyday. This helps you to forge a long term relationship with a specific fitness goal.

So, what are you waiting for? Get on the fitness journey and take all the urgent care you need for your health.