4 Best Streaming Services for Horror Fans in 2022


Horror fans are picky about the content they consume. If you love horror, you’ll notice that many of the major streaming services are severely lacking in solid choices in the genre. Some platforms barely have any horror films to choose from at all. If you’ve been pressed to find a quality scary watch during your recent movie nights, you deserve to know about platforms where you can consistently find amazing horror content. To help you on your journey, here are the four best streaming services for horror fans in 2022: 

1. Shudder

No other streaming service on the market right now is as jam-packed with horror content as Shudder. When the streaming service first launched, its library was small, but nowadays there are thousands of quality horror films and tv shows to choose from on the platform. Many platforms that used to be filled with horror film choices, such as Netflix, have even lost their streaming rights to Shudder, allowing Shudder to solidify itself as having the largest horror library in the streaming market. 

Shudder has even become the premier source of original films and tv shows in the horror, thriller, and fantasy genres. Even if you’re looking for reality shows with a horror flair, Shudder has you covered, with the revolutionary Boulet Brothers’ Dragula competition show. If you want to rest assured that you’ll have a new, exciting horror film to watch whenever the itch presents itself, you simply must invest in a Shudder subscription.  

2. Tubi

While lesser-known, Tubi has consistently shown itself to be one of the most worthwhile, value-packed streaming services out there. The fact that it is 100% free (as long as you don’t mind an occasional ad break), makes Tubi a no-brainer to download. The intense library of tens of thousands of movies, shows, and more that are packed onto the platform will gain your interest immediately. By jailbreaking your streaming device, you can further expand the library’s size by removing region locks on Tubi’s impressive amount of content. 

But right now, we’re focused on one type of film experience: horror films. Thankfully, Tubi’s library of horror content is nothing short of impressive. Especially if you enjoy horror classics, foreign horror, and limited-release horror, Tubi has a library that will leave you salivating with pleasure. Tubi is known for adding content to its library at an incredibly frequent rate as well, so even if you’re struggling to find a horror gem you’re interested in right now, something will soon come down the pipeline to keep you engaged. Since the service is free, you won’t have to waste any money in the meantime.  

3. HBO Max

Of the “traditional” streaming services, no other platform has as impressive a horror film library as HBO Max. The focus on purchasing the rights to different studios, tv channels, and publisher libraries by the platform has added a sense of cohesion to their selection of films as well (and this applies to every genre on the service, not just horror). There are many amazing staples of the horror genre available on the platform right now, including both the original and remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street

HBO Max’s horror offerings do not stop there. The platform has released some high-profile horror films under the HBO label over the last decade, and this makes the service a must-have for any serious horror nut. The controversial, wacky, and downright fascinating Malignant of last year is just one example of HBO’s production of will-be horror classics. Many horror fans are also genre fans in general, and HBO Max’s massive library will satisfy your cravings no matter what genre of film or show you find yourself in the mood for. 

4. The Criterion Channel

Horror is one of the most influential genres out there, despite its often more niche audience appeal. When analyzing the global film landscape, and the history of film, this becomes especially apparent. If you want to explore horror’s roots and see some of the lesser-known classic staples that have defined the genre’s evolution over the last hundred years, no other service provides as many quality ways to do so as The Criterion Channel. 

If you’re a horror superfan, you’re also likely a cinephile in general. If this is true, you’ll get endless hours of entertainment and education out of The Criterion Channel library. The price is incredibly affordable given how massive and diverse the service’s library is as well. Lastly, if you miss the days of watching special features and behind-the-scenes featurettes, The Criterion Channel is here to give you a nostalgia trip in the best way possible. 

Find Your Next Horror Favorite Now

With these four services, you’ll be discovering gems in the horror genre in no time. If you’ve been hungry for horror films that can manage to make their way onto your list of favorites, you deserve to check out the amazing libraries that exist on each of these quality streaming platforms in 2022.