Tripod Business Journal — A Unique and Dynamic Triangle Business Magazine


Tripod Business Journal is a unique business publication that in the Triangle region in North Carolina. It covers local, national, and international news. The magazine is also available online in both print and digital formats.

Tripod Business Journal strives to be the go-to source for all North Carolina Triangle business leaders to stay up-to-date on the most important topics that their industry deals with.

Tripod Business Journal was founded by owners David Hyman and Mary Hanson in 2010 as an online journal with one goal: to provide comprehensive business knowledge for Triangle companies of all sizes.

Introduction: What Is Tripod and What Makes It Special?

What is Tripod and what makes it special?

Tripod is a web-based social media platform that lets users create, organize, and share content. It was the first social media to focus on user-generated content creation. The platform allows users to create a free account, which they can use to publish their own work as well as other members’ content.

Features of the Tripod Magazine

Tripod Magazine is a digital publication that first published in 1881. It is a quarterly magazine which publishes articles, fiction, poetry and artwork available for print and online audiences.

The Tripod Magazine features a diverse group of authors from different backgrounds and countries. On its website, it publishes book reviews, essays, interviews with editors and authors as well as responses to submissions that are submitted by readers. The editors also participate in these user-generated discussions that the magazine encourages readers to engage with.


  • The editors interact with readers on the website through their blog posts
  • It has been publishing since 1881 • They publish book reviews • They use a diverse group of authors from different backgrounds

What Differentiates Tripod from Your Other Triangle Business Media Platforms

Tripod is one of the most successful online publishing platforms in the country, which provides a wide range of services for both small and large businesses.

Tripod has been around since 1996, offering content production, ad networks, website design and hosting, email marketing tools for businesses. More recently they have added on to their business media platform with live chat support and analytics services.

Tripod’s focus on business media puts them ahead of some other Triangle Business Media Platforms due to their experience in the industry. They are also able to offer more advanced features with their website builder because they are not so focused on consumer-driven content as some other companies are. Their advanced ad network allows them to deliver more relevant ads for even better user experiences.

Who Can You Reach on TripAdvisor? Targeting a Specific Niche or Genre in the Triad Region

The Triad region is made up of the cities of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill. It’s a very popular tourist spot, with many attractions including museums and universities. In the past few years, Tripadvisor has been expanding their range of activities in the triad region.

In order to target a specific niche or genre in the triad region, input your desired location into TripAdvisor’s search bar and select a specific category from the drop-down menu that appears on top of your search results.

For example: “activities in Raleigh” would bring up a list of categories related to outdoor activities such as hiking trails and biking paths.

Targeting a specific niche or genre means that you will only see listings for places that fit those criteria as opposed to browsing through all

How to Increase Visibility in the Triad Region Using TripAdvisor and Other Triad Media Platforms

The triad region includes the North Carolina triangle, which has three points in it: Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill. The Triangle Region covers a total of sixteen counties in North Carolina.

The article discusses how TripAdvisor helps to increase the visibility of businesses by using its platform for marketing purposes on different advertising mediums including outdoor advertising on billboards and bus stops.

“TripAdvisor boasts 15 million reviews of more than 3 million businesses on their website. These reviews are compiled from customers who have traveled across the world on business or leisure trips.”

This is just one instance of how Trip advisor can be used to help businesses increase their visibility through media platforms that are based outside the U.S.